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priya gehlot
priya gehlot. Human Resources. Full time. I don't have any work experience. Foreign Languages: English (Beginner). Graduated from IT ... Full description
RAHEEM SHAIK. Customer Relationship Manager. Full time. Experience: Customer Relationship Manager, HYUNDAI , from 01.2011 on Present. ... Full description
Nilofer Mukadam
Nilofer Mukadam. Academic Teacher. Full time, Part-time. Experience: Academic Teacher, Private school , from 07.2016 on Present. A CONFIDENT ... Full description
Hitkarni Vir singh
Hitkarni Vir singh. Academic Manager. Full time. Experience: Academic Manager, Rana construction, from 03.2005 on 12.2017. Full description
Navi Mumbai
Sachin Patil
Sachin Patil. Metallurgical Engineer. Full time. Experience: Metallurgical Engineer, BTEC Thane, from 03.2015 on Present. Full description
Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Madurai
JANANI MOHAN. Biotechnology. Full time. I don't have any work experience. Foreign Languages: English (Perfectly). Full description
Bipul Khataniar
Bipul Khataniar. Manager. Open schedule. Experience: Manager, Punjab National Bank, from 12.1981 on 12.2010. I was removed from service ... Full description
Tamil Nadu,Chennai,Coimbatore,Salem
GOWTHAMAN VINAYAGASUNDARAM. QC, PLANNING, ESTIMATION. Full time. Experience: Civil Engineer, PRIVATE, from 10.2014 on Present; ENGINEER, SOBHA ... Full description
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain. Tutor. Part-time. Experience: Chemistry tutor, wishfly academy, from 11.2017 on 01.2018. I topped my district Saharanpur in ... Full description
Raipur,Mumbai,New Delhi
Rajesh Sharma
Rajesh Sharma. AccountsManager. Full time. Experience: Key Accounts Manager, Reena Engineering Works, from 02.2015 on Present; Deputy Manager ... Full description
Neeraj kumar
Neeraj kumar. Customer Relationship Officer. Full time. Experience: relationship officer, hdfc bank, from 01.2016 on Present. I want job in ... Full description
Naushad Sheikh
Naushad Sheikh. Sales Executive. Full time. Experience: sale , D. Rajesh & co., from 08.2015 on 03.2017. Dear Sir / Mam My name is Mohd. ... Full description
mohd naim Tyagi
mohd naim Tyagi. Civil Site Engineer. Full time, Work from home. Experience: Civil Site Engineer, kgn contractar, from 07.2014 on ... Full description
Subhasmita Sahoo
Subhasmita Sahoo. Immunology and medical biotechnology. Full time. Experience: Student trainee, Imgenex, from 11.2017 on 12.2017; Student, ... Full description
Rajesh Gaude
Rajesh Gaude. Any position in HR. Full time. Experience: Asst. Manager Personnel & Admin , Sika India Pvt.Ltd., from 08.2009 on ... Full description

Trying to find employees is difficult. Companies will spend thousands of dollars in their search to find a candidate that fits perfectly into their work environment, and an empty position can lead to lost revenue in the short-term. If a new employee is needed immediately, you’ll need a resume database to help you reach out to job seekers.

The ability to find resumes and look through candidates that may have otherwise not applied for the job will:

  • Allow you to fill your position faster.
  • Reach out to exceptional talent.
  • Hand-pick talent that fits into your workplace best.

You can find: resumes that have been posted recently and applicants from surrounding cities. You can also refine your resume search to better find applicants that meet your criteria. It’s the perfect solution, and at Jobtonic, we offer free resume searches for everyone.

Placing your ad in hopes that the right applicant will respond is statistically difficult. Job postings receive 250 applications (on average), which can take days to go through. And you’re lucky if you interview 4 – 6 of the people that applied for the position.

For a small business, this results in days of lost productivity that can span to weeks and months if the right candidate is not found quickly. A resume search reduces the overhead, cuts back the amount of time spent during a search, and is a more efficient means of finding new employees. Relying on just job postings, you’ll waste vital time and resources. You don’t know what type of candidate will apply for the job, and you may have to pay money for your posting. It’s not the most efficient method of trying to find applicants to fill a position, and you’ll be competing with other job posters that may lure in all of the good applicants.

How Jobtonic's Free Resume Search Can Save You Time and Money

Jobtonic allows you to find resumes using our updated, fresh resume database. We allow users to supply their own resume directly onto our site to better help companies find reliable workers for their team. Updated daily, our resume database contains thousands of resumes with hundreds added daily.

You’ll be able to filter through resumes by:

  • Time period
  • State
  • Region
  • Sector

Resumes can also be added to your “favorites” with the click of a button so that you can reach out to the candidates that best fit your job opening. All of this is provided for free on our site, and there is the ability to print resumes to file. You’ll be able to view the potential employee’s name, address, experience, education and other vital information that will let you sift through candidates quickly and effectively.

Through our resume database portal, you have all the tools that you need to find the right person to fill your company’s needs. Daily submissions of resumes are provided, and you’ll be able to directly contact the candidate to further ask for an interview and hopefully fill your job position. It’s the fast, free and easy way to find the resume of your next employee.