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5 Things You Should Know When Looking for a Job Abroad

5 Things You Should Know When Looking for a Job Abroad

Moving to another country is hard, because you leave the places you know, your friends and maybe even your family, in order to establish miles away, in a place where you don’t know anyone and you have to adjust to a new culture, maybe even a new language. In this new environment, you also need […]
Telephone Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Telephone Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Most candidates think they can land their most wanted job with a strong resume and a great presentation, but HR managers have another card up their sleeve: the telephone interview. Phone interviews are used to filter the candidates, as no one is interested in spending time with face to face interviews when you can pick […]
Changing Jobs at 50+

Changing Jobs at 50+

The job market is full of young people who are awaiting an opportunity to show off their skills at top companies. But nowadays more and more older employees are changing careers. What it’s like to change jobs after 50? An impossible task, would say some, but if you know how to deal with the situation, […]
How to Resubmit Your Resume

How to Resubmit Your Resume

When you’ve applied to a job position and you’ve been rejected, your enthusiasm will drop a little. But what happens when you see another position you think is suitable for you, from the same company? Is re-submitting your resume a fault or a positive thing? And if you do re-submit, how do you do it? Here are […]
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Searching for a job in India

Job Hunting in India has always required both dedication and good work ethics. Today modern resources have assisted us in making it easier than ever before for the unemployed to find the perfect job for them. Regardless of your former experience, education, or even personal skill level there are positions that will prove to be a perfect match for any individual. In a lot of the cases it is simply knowing which job is available for you to apply.

First – prepare your CV

If you are trying to start your job search in India, you will want to take several measures to help ensure that you are successful in your results. You must first spend time assuring that your CV is up to date. Check for any errors, make sure that your experience is updated and that you also add references as necessary. After ensuring that your CV and other professional documents are up to date and current. Many people just like you feel frustrated after receiving rejection after rejection during their own search for a job. There will be times when you’ll want to give up, but by making sure your CV is in order, looking for positions that need you and your skills, and continually apply for jobs that line up with your qualifications you are bound to find the opportunity you were waiting for.

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